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Money vs Message 
Which Is More Predictive Of Success In Advertising?

Lack Of Marketing Plan Can Be Fatal 
Venture Capitalists Agree

Now And Future Buyers 
Stop Ignoring 94% Of Your Prospects

Words I Never Want To See Or Hear Again 
Clichés Can Make Your Advertising Invisible

The One Most Important Question
Answer It And Get On The Road To Marketing Success

My Favorite Quotes

What makes content engaging is relevancy.
— Gail Goodman, CEO Constant Contact

The True Worth Of A Customer 
Don't Overlook Long-Term Value

Marketing Makes You Money 
If You Do It Right

7 Signs Your Press Release Stinks
Avoid These Pitfalls To Get Your Release Read

Will Your Direct Mail Ad Work?
Run The Numbers First

Are You Training Your Customer Not To Buy?
Too Many “Sales” Could Be Doing Just That