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Common Sense Answers To Troubling Questions

I know how to write.  Why do I need someone to write for me?

     There is no good answer to this question because it contains no measurement.  We all know how to write, the question is, “How well?”  It’s like a high school baseball player saying “I know how to hit, so I should be in the major leagues.”  Yes, the player knows the rudiments of hitting, but how will he fare against a major league pitcher?  Will he hit as well as Miguel Cabrera or Paul Goldschmidt?  When you say “I know how to write”, I say OK, have your results been all you expected – and more?

     Professional copywriters - especially those who have "Been there, done that, wrote the book" - have been schooled by top ad agencies and have written hundreds or even thousands of pieces for a variety of companies in diverse industries.  Copywriters can write objectively - without the emotional attachment that business owners often, and rightly, have for their business. Most importantly, experienced copywriters know what works and what flops.  (see blog article) 

I’ve talked to dozens of marketing companies.  They all want to help me get the word out with whatever they are selling.  How can I tell which media is best for me?

     MoneyWords Marketing has a highly specialized mission.  We do not sell advertising space.  We do not sell post card services, SEO, digital marketing programs, radio or TV time or any other delivery system for your message.  So our advice is untainted by commissions, finders fees and self-interest. Our mission is make sure you have the most effective strategic branding messages possible so that your marketing delivery systems can bring you optimum results.  After all, without a consistent, compelling message, your marketing won’t work.

My business has become “commoditized”.  The only way I can compete is by offering a lower price.

     This is a common complaint these days and while I understand that some businesses are more difficult to differentiate than others, still I believe that every business can and should have a strong differentiator.  If they can differentiate brands of bottled purified water, you can differentiate your business. (see this article)

I’ve been told that networking is a must for a small business entrepreneur.  Would you agree?

      To a degree.  But you have to be selective or you’ll be running all over the place with little to show for it except a stack of business cards from people who want to sell you something.  I make it a practice never to turn down my first invitation to a business-networking event.  When I go, I try to judge if this group holds any opportunities for my business and me…if so, I go back, if not I don’t.

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