FREE Website Check-Up

In our experience we find that fewer than 3 in 10 advertisements, brochures, letters, and especially websites contain the Building Blocks of Effective Marketing as outlined in our MoneyWords Marketing System.

To see if your website could do with a few changes that should dramatically increase your response rate, contact us for a confidential evaluation.  You’ll receive a written assessment discussing your site's strengths and weaknesses in 7 critical areas.  And we'll suggest ways to improve your webite's selling power.

We can promise you one thing – after this evaluation you may never view your website in the same way again.

FREE 7-Point Website Evaluation & Analysis (Regularly $195)


You will learn:

  1. If you’re ignoring over 90% of your market.

  2. Whether you are pushing away your most likely prospects.

  3. If you’re saying things that make the reader think “B.S.!”

  4. If your marketing is any different from that of your competitor. If you make it easy to do business with you – or place obstacles in the way of your potential customers.

  5. Why many are seduced by marketing & advertising “Buzzwords” like Reach, Frequency, Awareness, Repetition, and even Creativity. This verbal sleight-of-hand distracts you from the real question – Is your message compelling and is your campaign making money?

My Favorite Quotes

...a company’s website is the key to their entire business.
— Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion Blog