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Most Marketing Firms Concentrate On Tactics

Too many marketing firms today are guilty of bending your ear about SEO, Pay-per-Click, digital impressions, broadcast, cable, social media and an increasingly long list of additional ways to deliver your message.  With this over-zealous focus on the delivery system, something gets lost in the sauce.  That something is Your Unique Message.

Our approach is different

We focus on your Unique Branding Message  

  • Because it is the most critical aspect of your marketing.

  • Because you want to succeed.

  • And because it works!

"Without a consistent, compelling, differentiating message, your marketing won't work effectively!" 

Marketing Is Too Important To Be Left To Chance

Don't try to run your business and be a Master Copywriter at the same time

It’s unusual for business owners and executives who are experts at their business to also be experts at marketing. The sad truth is that, according to advertising legend David Ogilvy, most business people (maybe you) do not write effectively.

Marketing plans and strategies, websites, ads, e-mail campaigns, even basic marketing communications too often lack selling power and results suffer.  If you try to "Do-It-Yourself" you may be adding to your problem rather than fixing it.

Even marketing staffs can get so bogged down in the demands of SEO, social media and monthly scheduling that your core message takes a back seat to the delivery system. 

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" I can tell, in about an hour, what's right and what's wrong with your marketing strategy and how to go about fixing the problems."

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Alan is a true marketing communication expert. He can help any business craft the right message and branding strategies and increase business
— John Boyens, Author of "Real World Sales Strategies That Work"



...the beginning of greatness is to be different and the beginning of failure is to be the same.
— Raymond Rubicam