How I Work

Here in Phoenix, or throughout the country, you can have a your own professional copywriter "On Call"

Getting Acquainted

  • In our initial conversation, I will ask about your business, your goals, your timeline and the problem you need a copywriter/strategist to solve.  Ask me anything you'd like.  When we're both confident that I can help, we'll schedule an in-depth discovery session. 


  • I'll probably send you a confidential questionnaire or schedule a meeting where we will drill down on your business, your competition and your unique selling proposition. 
  • After our Discovery Session, you'll get a detailed scope of work proposal and a firm quote.
  • When you accept, I'll send you an agreement and an invoice (Terms: 50% on acceptance, 50% on completion)
  • And we're on our way...

The Real Work Begins

  • First, I'll do some competitive research.
  • Next, I'll construct an outline with general ideas, themes, concepts and strategies.  I'll address the pain points of your buyers and answer them all. This will serve you well in the conversion process.
  • At a subsequent meeting or phone call - or through e-mails if you prefer - we'll discuss these ideas, edit as required, and then I'll start the creative writing process.
  • I'll ask you to supply certain information and items as needed:  testimonials, evidence to back up any claims you make, proprietary photos or images, logos, etc.

The Finish Line

  • I deliver you a draft of the copy.
  • We'll go over the draft and do whatever revisions are necessary (usually one re-write is all it takes)
  • When you're satisfied, you pay me the final 50%, I'll release all materials to you and Voila! - you have a ready-to-use, professionally written piece of content.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelance Copywriter (Like Me!)

  1. You get a seasoned specialist who's been there, done that, wrote the book
  2. Your copywriter will have access to all the additional talent you may need
  3. You get a fresh perspective and new ideas
  4. Copywriters don't sell ad space so you'll always get our unbiased opinion
  5. A good copywriter can stop you from making a very big or very costly mistake
  6. It will cost you less and deliver more value than employing a less experienced staff writer
  7. Unlike an employee, you can fire a freelancer in a New York minute

My Favorite Quotes

It is easier to write ten effective sonnets than one effective advertisement.
— Aldous Huxley - Author of Brave New World and ex-copywriter