Plan For College Or Else. . .You May End Up Like "Henry"

Henry made every one of the 4 KILLER MISTAKES for the college-bound



HENRY DIDN'T LEARN ABOUT LITTLE KNOWN SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS.  This could have saved Henry $500 to $5,000 a year on tuition. Big mistake!


HENRY TOOK THE FIRST STUDENT LOAN HE WAS OFFERED.  He didn't realize that the interest rate was too high and the terms were too one-sided. By finding a better student loan, Henry could have saved $2,000 or more over the course of the loan.  That hurts!


HENRY'S PARENTS CO-SIGNED HIS LOAN.  If Henry has a tough time getting a job and can't make the payments, his parents are stuck repaying the loan...which would eat up most of their retirement savings.  Ouch!


HENRY CHOSE A MAJOR WITH LIMITED JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND BELOW AVERAGE PAY.  This made it tough for Henry to find a job that paid him enough to afford rent, utilities, car payments,food, insurance, entertainment and repay his student loan. Henry's hoped-for great job didn't materialize.  Like Millions of other recent grads, Henry ended up working for $15 an hour. Poor Henry!

The Average "Henry" has $35,000 - $110,000 in student loan debt.  Don't be a Henry!


This workshop saved my parents and me over $6,000. Worth every penny. I just wish it was online when I took it.
— Jack Jackson, Jackson Hole WY

You Can Avoid These Costly Mistakes By Simply Taking The "PLAN FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS" Online Seminar


  • How to SAVE THOUSANDS on college costs

  • How to find and apply for little known SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS 

  • How to find a student loan with NO CO-SIGNER REQUIRED and save your parents' retirement

  • How to choose a major with ABOVE AVERAGE PAY and job opportunities

  • How to construct a plan and make yourself the job candidate that GETS HIRED

The Plan For College Success Seminar is exactly what they said it would be. I found two scholarships that cut my tuition almost in half. Thanks.
— Tess Trueheart, Titusville, TN

Thousands have paid $279 - $479 to take this Seminar in person.  Now you can get the exact same program - and more - with convenient online access...and for less than the price of a couple of text books.



Hello, I'm Jim Wilkerson.  I am proud to bring you, in partnership with the Life Institute, the most important pre-college course you - and your parents - will ever take.  It's called the Plan For College Success Seminar and it gives you access to all sorts of valuable information you may not find elsewhere.  Our special course includes:

  • The video seminar.  7 videos plus word-for-word transcripts you can access as often as you like for a full year

  • Over 100 links to helpful information relating to college financing, student loans, scholarships and grants

  • Our library of useful information and insights to choosing a college and a major course of study

  • Facts and figures about job opportunities, starting salaries and career earning potential

  • Timely updates on any changes to student loan regulations or government programs

When one of my own children was investigating colleges, we found useful information to be very hard to find, not very current, and not all in one place.  This drove me to put my financial planning background to work in the area of college financing and planning. The result is the Plan For College Success online seminar.  

It will help you make choices that minimize college costs and maximize career earnings

And because it's online, you get everything for one low price of $79



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The Plan For College Success Seminar will help you make the right critical decisions to minimize costs and maximize career earnings

1.  Where should you go to college?

Four year school, two year school, residential campus, commuter campus, state university, private university, trade school, for profit college?  School choice is the #1 determiner of college costs.

2.  How will you pay for your tuition and fees, living expenses, travel and books?

Student loans, Federal Pell Grants, Scholarships, Private Grants, Savings, Part-Time Job?

3.  Will your parents be on the hook if you can't make the loan payments?

The fastest growing age group for student loan debt is now AGE 60 and up!  For many parents and grandparents, being forced to repay a student loan can make the difference between an easy retirement and a tough one.

4.  What major will you choose?

Your choice of major is a big decision.  It can impact your earnings for the rest of your career.  Your choice could earn you or cost you over $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings. BTW, your job prospects just got a bit bleaker.  Now there are 1.2 Million college grads working as janitors.  Learn which courses of study will give to the best return on your investment.

5.  Will you graduate in 4 years or less?

Only about half of entering students graduate in 4 years or less.  Every extra semester you spend getting a degree can cost you big bucks and may require you to incur more crushing debt.  The Success Seminar will teach you a plan for on-time graduation that will get you from borrower to earner.

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