An Unbelievably Simple Marketing System

These five steps provide a proven method to construct your marketing and branding strategy

These five steps provide a proven method to construct your marketing and branding strategy

The MoneyWords Marketing System™

  • Easy, 5-Step method based on proven principles

  • Build a solid case for your product - don't merely create “awareness"

  • Increase the Word Power of your marketing for more sales

  • Dedicated to the idea that marketing exists to make you money


Strategic Marketing vs Tactical Marketing - Which Comes First?

Many small businesses and franchisors  are guilty of rushing headlong into Tactical Marketing decisions.  They develop a website, start an SEO campaign, create, brochures, post cards and business cards, engage with social media, and buy media time BEFORE they decide upon a Strategic Marketing Strategy.  That, to me, is putting the cart before the horse.  First, develop your compelling branding message, then decide how to deliver it.

We encourage you to invest the time to get it right the first time.  You'll save money, time and grief.  Questions?  Contact me at or call 480.854.7374.

By employing the MWM System...

…your marketing and advertising will lead your prospect to the conclusion that: "I would have to be a raving idiot to do business with anyone but you - regardless of price."

Marketing and advertising legends endorse the principles of the MoneyWords Marketing System

Bill Bernbach                                John Caples        Roy Durstine       Claude Hopkins     David Ogilvy     Rosser Reeves     Raymond Rubicam    Jack Trout


from Radio Ad Expert Dan Persigehl

Read (his) book and you’ll quickly realize Alan understands how to communicate a successful marketing message, period. Alan’s book lays out in easy to read, common sense terms how to take your new or existing marketing message, regardless of what media platform you prefer, and differentiate you from your competition and make it connect with your consumers. That’s marketing magic!
Overused words do not work. Instead of relying on words at all, offer evidence. Offer the compelling stories - the case studies, awards, business growth, achievements - that make those adjectives unnecessary.
— Harry Beckwith, Voted one of World's 5 Best Speakers on marketing