So, You’re Thinking of Advertising on Radio



Here Are Six Things You Should Know

  1. Radio is a medium that rewards consistency. Use it to familiarize people with what you can do for them. Radio results come from a combination of messaging, production value and frequency.

  2. No matter what your budget you can dominate (be the biggest advertiser). If you don't have the money to run enough spots to dominate a radio station, dominate a time slot (e.g. Morning Drive). If you can't dominate a time slot, dominate an hour or half-hour (e.g. 7-8am weekdays). If you can't dominate that hour every day, dominate it one or two days a week. Whatever you do, don't scatter your ads over random days and times.

  3. Say your name clearly at least 3-4 times in sixty seconds.

  4. Repeat your phone number, location or website 2-3 times in sixty seconds

  5. If your ads are important to you, consider retaining a creative agency with production capability to write and produce your ads. We all know most stations will write your ads free, but the sales reps who write your ads are experts at selling their inventory, not yours. Stations no longer have creative/copywriting departments.  MoneyWords Marketing has produced award-winning and - more importantly - results producing radio campaigns for small businesses.

  6. Agencies get commissions from radio stations so negotiate for a lower production price by having them buy air time for you. If you run enough ads, you might get production services virtually free.

Our Radio Team Is Expert At Bringing You More Business!

Listen To Some Examples Of Attention-Getting Radio Ads

We invite you to listen to some successful and creative radio ads created (except for the Stan Freberg spot) by Alan Tarr and our production partners.

We can design a custom campaign with top-of-the-line production values that will cut through the clutter and bring you more customers.

Our Creative-com Radio Productions Have Won 15 "Addie Awards"

If you enjoyed these Samples and would like to listen to some more spots and talk strategy, make your request by contacting us.