Personal, Intensive, One-Day VIP Sessions Get You To Your Goals Faster

"Working with Alan one-on-one is a unique experience.  We got so much done in a very short time I was shocked and amazed."  M. Ohsman, Mesa AZ

Get Your Masters In Messaging With My Signature VIP Program

Get Your Masters In Messaging With My Signature VIP Program

What Is A VIP Day?

The idea behind the VIP Day program is simple.  You get to work personally with Alan in an INTENSIVE session where learning comes FAST and feedback is INSTANTANEOUS.  Each session has defined goals and take-aways specific to your business needs.  And there's always a follow-up.

Getting Acquainted

  • In our initial conversation, I will ask about your business, your goals, your timeline and your main business concerns. If you wish, we'll set up a time and date for our session.
  • Then I'll send you a confidential questionnaire to be completed prior to your VIP Day. 
  • I will conduct a thorough review of your website and other marketing materials and write an analysis report.

Four VIP Days - My Signature Program


  1. Developing And Articulating Your Unique Message

  2. Positioning Your Marketing With The 5 Steps To Greatness

  3. Be Your Own Copywriter

  4. Images, Layouts and Impact Items


If you’ve always done it that way, it is probably wrong.
— Charles Kettering, American inventor and businessman, founder of Delco