Tired Of Spending Good Money On Marketing And Getting Feeble Results?

Now you can boost your marketing results without inflating your marketing budget.


  • The 5 Steps To Greatness marketing system
  • What marketing really is and how this definition can change how you approach your business
  • 9 critical reasons most marketing fails
  • How to differentiate your company from the competition and WIN
  • Why telling the features of your product can cost you profits
  • How to write attention grabbing headlines - and how to identify ones that will flop
  • Why you are probably ignoring 94% of your prospects
  • How to grease the skids of the decision making process and convert sales at a higher rate

You will receive

  • 16 Audio Lessons
  • 12 Valuable "Quick Reference" Guides
  • 2 "How To" Templates and Forms
  • Actual Headline Samplers
  • Access to a video library of "live" marketing tips
  • A copy of the e-Book,  Marketing Is..., by Alan Tarr (2015)

Only $129

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the only trouble is I don’t know which half.
— John Wanamaker, retailing pioneer
I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years and Win the Marketing Game is the first time I really understood how to position a business to make more sales.
— Craig Huxford, Austin TX