What Is Write Like A MADMAN?

After writing copy for more than thirty years, founding and selling four small businesses, publishing over 65 articles, and gathering a career’s worth of information, techniques, and “trade secrets”, I’ve put together what I believe is one of the most extensive libraries of 100% original content dedicated to branding, messaging and copywriting ever.  I call it the Write Like A MADMAN series It contains:

  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Tips & Templates
  • Great Quotes
  • Video Tips
  • Articles

I created the title "Write Like A MADMAN" out of affection and respect for the heads of the great Madison Avenue ad agencies I wrote for.  They’re the same individuals on whom the hit AMC series MadMen was based.  These "Madmen" were instrumental in changing marketing and advertising forever - and my career for the better.


"TWIZDOMS" is an integral part of the Write Like A MADMAN series.  Numbering over 130 bits of marketing wisdom, you're sure to find helpful, valuable, and money-making ideas here.

What They're Saying About Write Like A MADMAN

Dr Art Eckstat, LawsuitConsultant.com, Phoenix, AZ

I understand I was one of the first to get Write Like A MADMAN And Make Money Like Crazy – and I’m glad I did.  Your comprehensive tutorial is really appreciated.  I used it primarily to recreate my unique message and sales materials. I also found it gave me a more in-depth understanding of the why’s and how’s of marketing my business that I didn’t have before.  It helps me greatly and the word-for-word transcripts make looking up a specific section quick and easy.

Josh Kravitz, Dispensary Of Hope, COO, Nashville, TN

Several years ago you really opened my eyes to the importance of how – and why – to tell my organization’s story.  For the past four years I have developed our marketing campaigns around who we serve and why we serve them.  When I heard about the Write Like A Madman program, I immediately got a subscription.  It’s great!  And it costs so much less than your consulting fees (ha ha!).

David Windle, Professor, Jackson College, Jackson, MI

I use “Write Like A Madman and Make Money Like Crazy” in my marketing and advertising classes because it helps me bring a more practical, “how-to” aspect of marketing messaging, branding and copywriting to the classroom setting.  When I showed some of the videos to my students, they were engaged and excited.  We all particularly liked all the real-life examples that brought the message home clearly.  This program contains loads of important information presented in an interesting and enjoyable way.   Thanks.

Tony Reed, Documentary Scriptwriter, Phoenix, AZ

“My wife and I were blown away by your knowledge and expertise.”

My Favorite Quotes

Clarity trumps persuasion.
— Dr Flint McLaughlin, Meclabs