Samples Of Our Work

MoneyWords Marketing was founded in 2001 as Marketing Associates, to give small businesses access to experienced creative marketing and copywriting talent on an outsource basis.  Below are samples of some work we did for various clients. These clients have graciously allowed us to display images of their marketing. The images may not be copied, used or re-produced in any way. These companies have requested that they not be contacted. Please abide by their wishes.

We Can Help With

  • Catalogs
  • Radio Spot Creation & Production
  • Digital Ad Copy
  • Reports, Guides & White Papers
  • Social Media/Blog Content
  • Bios, Resumes & Business Plans
  • Your Unique Message
  • Tag Lines
  • Website Copy & Content
  • Brochures
  • Print Ads & Flyers
  • Sales Letters & Postcards

Home Page

Home Page

Online Store

TopEdge Shears

  • Website
  • Tag Line
  • Content
  • Digital ad copy
  • Press Releases
Large Postcard

Large Postcard


Cake Bakery

  • Large Postcard, Image and Message

Iowa Cafe




In-Home Senior Care

Aventa Senior Care

  • Post Cards
  • WhitePaper" editing
  • Branding Strategy


Auto Repair Referral Service

  • Logo Design
  • "White Paper" Report
  • Poster/Ad
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Rack Card
  • E-Mail Campaign
  • Video
                    Logo Design

The Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals network is a Free Consumer Referral Service.

Our Public Relations campaigns resulted in appearances on Good Morning Arizona, Sonoran Living, Channel 15 News Smart Shopper as well as major articles in the Arizona Republic, The Tribune, and The Phoenix Business Journal.

Video Work...

                                                    10x10 Trade Show Booth

                                                    10x10 Trade Show Booth

Educational "White Paper" Report - 6"x9", 8 pages - Print or Electronic delivery

Educational "White Paper" Report - 6"x9", 8 pages - Print or Electronic delivery

Poster/Ad, 24"x36" - Printed by MouseGraphics, Tempe AZ

Poster/Ad, 24"x36" - Printed by MouseGraphics, Tempe AZ

                     4"x8", 2-sided Counter-top Rack Cards

Auto Repair Referral Service E-Letter

NARPRO Newsletter

We wrote and designed a monthly E-Newsletter sent by to its 1500 name VIP list.  It's very inexpensive and, when properly written and designed, can add immeasurable to your business and to your customer referrals.

 "Blast" E-Mails sent to customer database every 4 weeks

 "Blast" E-Mails sent to customer database every 4 weeks

                                  Brochure promises important information.                                                       

                                  Brochure promises important information.                                                       


Professional Employer Organization

Ingram & Co


Give prospects meaningful information that will help them to make an informed decision.  Grab their attention with an intriguing that promises a benefit if they read more.   

"Pop-Up" signs can be used at shows, events, and in-store

"Pop-Up" signs can be used at shows, events, and in-store

Software Developer - (Trade Show Display)

GLK Systems, Inc

Small company developed in-store product locator software.  MWM created the name "Eureka" and developed booth signage for an international Supermarket Show.  Put life in your Trade Show Booth or in your Store with a high-impact display banner. Portable or permanent, for hanging on a wall or on its own stand, a versatile display from Marketing Associates will pay dividends far in excess of its modest cost.

"I was referred to Marketing Associates and Alan Tarr as the right guy to help us launch our new software product.  Alan designed all my materials for a big international trade show.  He and Mike manned our booth at the show when I got too sick to go myself.  What a great company."  George L Kass

Designed for magazine or stand-alone glossy flyer

Designed for magazine or stand-alone glossy flyer

Plumbing/Epoxy Pipe Lining (Print Ad and Pop-Up Display)

Curaflo of the Valley

Company wanted to develop printed materials that targeted their two major prospect groups, hotels and apartment/condo communities.  MWM worked with them to craft a specific message for each of those groups and then design one-pagers around those messages.

Developed message   "Cleans Out Corrosion And Keeps It From Coming Back"

The 6' tall display was used at trade shows and presentations.

Arte Verde Design

Landscape architect needed more conversions from its Yellow Pages ad.  MWM crafted the message "Landscaping SO Extraordinary, So Perfect...So You!" and created an ad that differentiated Arte Verde from virtually every contractor in the book.



                      After - Improved message and design Increased sales by 27%

Just by redesigning our Yellow Pages ad, Marketing Associates helped us increase sales by 27%” - Andy & Jody Page, Owners

 In-publication campaign developed for Phoenix Business Journal

 In-publication campaign developed for Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Business Journal         (Print Ads)

The Business Journal wanted to increase new subscriptions and retain more of their current subscribers. We put together this campaign with community leaders like Jerry Colangelo (Suns & Diamondbacks) and Doug Parker (America West) giving testimonials as to how the Business Journal helps them in running their businesses. Customer retention increased.

Designed for use in magazine or as glossy flyer for mailers

Designed for use in magazine or as glossy flyer for mailers

Medical Practice Management (Print Ad)

RealTime Medical Solutions

RTMS retained Marketing Associates to develop a strategy to bring their new medical Practice Management System to market. We also wrote and helped design their website, and developed a full page advertisement

“RTMS chose Marketing Associates because of their experience, their unique marketing method, and their exceptional copywriting skills.  They worked with us to develop a focused strategy for bringing our RealTime Practice Management System to market.  They have a knack for cutting through all the fat and getting right to the meat.”  Matt Onofrei


                                      Large postcard with multiple offers

Learning Center

  • Postcard

LearningRx is a unique company. It trains your brain to help you learn. LearningRx had major success with it's students but needed some help attracting parents to their Free Seminars.

 We created a unique and compelling branding message highlighting their unique strengths.

                                      4"x8" 2-sided, counter-top Rack Cards

Auto Repair (Rack Card)

Rack cards are very flexible marketing tools that can be placed in a counter-top holder, mailed with an accompanying letter, or distributed directly to car owners.  The card shown is full-color, 2-sided, very high gloss.  MWM developed new messaging, "Latest Technology Combined With Old World Values".