Alan loves his craft and loves to help others

Alan loves his craft and loves to help others

Hands-On Marketing Workshops

Add to your staff or membership's marketing skills by booking a workshop hosted personally by Alan Tarr

Speaker fees are waived for non-profit civic and business organizations, networking groups and chambers of commerce.  The "Marketing Game" and "Website" workshopscan be taken separately or combined for an in-depth, full day experience.

Please contact us with specific questions.

How To Win The Marketing Game

...And Stop Wasting Money

Secrets of professional Copywriters:  Using Differentiation, Messaging and Branding to grow your business


  • Why 77% of small business marketing is ineffective
  • What is marketing - really?
  • The differences between Tactical and Strategic marketing
  • Why Ralph Waldo Emerson was dead wrong
  • What you can learn from John Smith’s eyes
  • Why you must absolutely, positively differentiate your business from the competition
  • Why I'll wager that you ignore over 90% of your prospects
  • 5 Steps that can turn your marketing into a customer magnet

3.0 hours

Great information delivered in a clear and attention- getting way!”
— Cassandra Sullivan, Photographer

Is Your Website A Customer Magnet?

...Or Does It Send Your Prospects Running Into The Arms Of Your Competitors?


  • Five things most websites screw up
  • What mistake is made by over 90% of self-written webites
  • The 8 things that will make your home page "sticky"
  • How the AIDA Code can boost your web analytics immediately
  • How to write copy and content your visitors want to read
  • Your Ideal Approach: Emotional or Intellectual?
  • E-Mail capture - what, why, how?

2.5 hours

I got a lot of tidbits from the seminar that I can put to use immediately.
— Dave Schiller, Wealth Manager

Sales Letters That Work

Direct Response Letter


  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What benefit(s) can the reader expect?
  • What response are you trying to elicit?
  • What are you offering? Is it something they want?
  • 13 Rules when Writing For Print
  • Write as many words as you need—and not one word more
  • The Check-List
  • Edit, Edit, then Edit some more

Professional (B2B) “Credibility Statement®” Letter

  • Who are you and what do you want?
  • What makes you think you know about what I need?
  • Your personal Credibility Statement®
  • The Offer—What motivates your reader?

4 hours

It is easier to write ten effective sonnets than one effective advertisement.
— Aldous Huxley, Author of Brave New World - and a former copywriter

The Writers Workshop

Learn the “Secrets” of Pro Copywriters


  • Re-Introduction to the 5 Steps to Powerful Marketing
  • Is yours a product of the heart or the head?
  • The copywriter's secret - The AIDA Code
  • Headlines - The Gift of Grab
  • Sub Heads and Cross Heads Should Tell Your Story
  • Is a Picture Truly Worth a Thousand Words?
  • Writing for Print—Ads/Flyers/Brochures, Websites etc.
  • Layout—Can Help a Little or Hurt a Lot
  • Claims—Make Them Clear and Verifiable or Forget It!
  • Some Quick Hints When Writing for Radio

3.5 hours

Business has two functions and only two. Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and Innovation make money; everything else is a cost.
— Peter Drucker, Renowned Business Writer
I enjoyed your session at the AZ Business Conference! I thought it was very insightful and easily applicable. I hope to glean more insights from you in the future!
— Aya Sanipe, Paychex